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To vote for Maggie to be the next candidate for Scarborough North, the first step is to register for the Ontario Liberal Party's membership. It's free and open to anyone over the age of 14 that lives in the riding. 

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Why I'm running

I am seeking your vote for the Ontario Liberal nomination in Scarborough North. People in Scarborough North are innovative and hard-working. Give them a fair chance and they’ll go far. 

I want Scarborough North to have a strong voice in Government. When your voice is heard, change happens. I want the interests of Scarborough North served rather than overlooked.

Working at Toronto City Council, I hear first-hand the concerns of our City every day. As the daughter of a family with a locally owned small business, I can relate to the challenges that lie ahead in recovering from the Covid-19 crisis. 


The Ontario Liberal Party has been committed to the success of diverse areas like Scarborough North and has backed the small independent businesses and the people involved in them.

I am proud to stand with the Ontario Liberal Party because of its commitment to support the next generation to take on the fundamental issues of jobs, education, health, and climate change.


I know how to get things done in Government and want to stand up for our community so that Scarborough North continues to grow and prosper.


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Maggie and the Scarborough North Ontario Liberals need your help.


We want to take action on the biggest issues facing our community and our province.


Give your time and energy to bring about positive change.


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